07:28 - 101 years ago today - The Lochnagar Crater (& 18 others) blew and so began the Slaughter of the Somme. We Will Remember Them....

MS RED - Exclusive Signed Book Offer

Helena Hall's WW2 Journal available for Purchase via this website.

If you would like to understand more about life in a Mid Sussex village during WW2, then please look no further than 'Helena Hall's Daily Diary'.

The Editors of Miss Hall's (numerous) Journals, Linda Grace & Margaret Nicolle, will sign each copy and donate £2 per book sold via this website to MS RED funds. Please click on the following link to learn more: MS RED Helena Hall  .

Please support our community group and arrange your purchase today. Thank you.

6th June 1944 - MS RED Remembers....

Photo - Cyril Ager - Saluting 22,000 fallen British comrades on the Normandy beaches in 2014. "We Will Remember Them".

If you'd like to read a short but heartfelt tribute poem from MS RED to these courageous individuals, please click on the following link: MS RED Articles


TAXIS for WW2 Veterans will be making the trip to the Normandy beaches again in June 2017.

MS RED Members' had the honour of spending a few minutes speaking to a couple of WW2 Veterans at Victoria Train station recently. Both of the Veterans were in their 90's and had been involved in the D-Day Landings. One of the veterans had also been at El Alamein, Anzio & Monte Cassino prior to the 6th June 1944 Normandy landings.

These gentlemen were collecting donations for the TAXI CHARITY annual trips to the Normandy Beaches. Gentlemen, thank you so much for your service and have a memorable, enjoyable and fun trip to France. MS RED would also like to express huge gratitude to the "London Cabbies" who make these events possible on behalf of these Veterans.

For anyone who maybe interested in finding out more about this wonderful charity, please visit:


  • Poppy Wreath for PC Palmer from the Police Dependants' Trust.

    At 1400 on Monday 10th April 2017 the Funeral of PC Keith Palmer (933SO) will commence. His murder on the 22nd March 2017, along with 4 other killings and dozens of people injured, will be Remembered by millions in the UK and Internationally.

  • A former Royal Artillery Gunner prior to Joining the Metropolitan Police Service.

    Mid Sussex RED would like to pay tribute to those thousands of men & women of the Armed & Emergency response Services, who risk their lives daily. Thank you very much for your service. PC Palmer, may you forever Rest In Peace.

  • MS RED supports 'The Police Dependants' Trust'

    Mid Sussex RED was honoured to support the Charity Police Dependants' Trust, via donations made at the recent RBL Tea & Talk event and a collection at Charlton Athletic FC (PC Palmer's Team). MS RED raised £1,903.33 for the PD Trust. Please view www.pdtrust.org/

The Royal British Legion (Lindfield Branch) "Tea & Talk" event, co-delivered by MS RED.

The Royal British Legion (Lindfield Branch), "Tea & Talk" event, delivered by MS RED, raised a total of £527.35 for good causes. THANK YOU.

Mid Sussex RED was honoured to co-arrange and deliver a fundraising event on behalf of the Lindfield Branch of the Royal British Legion, on Saturday 25th March 2017, at King Edward Hall, Lindfield. Over 60 people attended to listen to a "Talk" provided by MS "RED Leader" (Chairman) Matt Taylor and MS RED member, Linda Grace.

Matt provided an overview of the 5 battles of Ypres from World War 1, paying particular attention to the 3rd Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) to mark the battle's Centenary in July 2017. This overview also included some brief histories and details of fallen Lindfield Men killed in this particular arena. Linda Grace immediately followed Matt, sharing with the audience a summary of Journal entries written by Helena Hall, the Lindfield Village Librarian and Air Raid Warden during World War 2.  

Linda recited those journal entries made in July and October/November 1942, describing to the audience what life was like in the village, explaining how the Battles of El Alamein were being reported and understood by local and national press/radio. Once the presentations were concluded, the main event (the Tea) was served. The audience was also invited to visit the Old Library Room at King Edward Hall to view a mini exhibition on Passchendaele, El Alamein, Helena Hall and the Royal British Legion (Lindfield Branch) photograph collection of (Secretary) Mrs Kath Rusby. Some of these photos dated from the unveiling of the village War Memorial in November 1922. 

The sum of £386.70 was raised for the Royal British Legion www.britishlegion.org.uk with a further £140.65 being donated to the Police Dependant's Trust www.pdtrust.org/ .

With the total of £527.35 raised for these two causes (and far too many cakes consumed), MS RED would like to acknowledge the support for this event provided by the Comber's Trust of Lindfield and everyone attending the event. Special mention must be made of the huge effort  by MS RED Bursar (Treasurer) Malcolm Grace & MS RED Member Janet Bishop for organising the mini exhibition. WELL DONE and THANK YOU ALL.

Lindfield Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" 25.03.17

Preparing for the "Tea" to refuel over 60 people.....

Lindfield Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" 25.03.17

Final discussions after the "Talk".

Lindfield Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" 25.03.17

The MS RED Mini Exhibition on Passchendaele & El Alamein.

Lindfield Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" 25.03.17

Evening Argus Front pages reporting the developments of both battles of El Alamein (1942).

Lindfield Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" 25.03.17

Photos from RBL Lindfield Secretary Mrs Kath Rusby - some pictures from 1922...!


MS RED says a big Thank You to COMBER'S TRUST Lindfield for their generous donation of £115.00.


MS RED has received a very generous donation of £115.00 from the COMBER'S TRUST (Lindfield) to assist with purchasing a Public Liability Insurance Policy and paying for exhibition display materials to be produced. Also, £34.00 of this money has been passed to the KING EDWARD HALL Lindfield (a registered charity) to hire the 'Old Library' room THIS SATURDAY 25th MARCH 2017 to enable MS RED to deliver a mini exhibition at the Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" event. MSRED Next Event .

COMBER'S TRUST has been assisting organisations and individuals from Lindfield for well over a Century and will review applications for funding at anytime throughout the year. If you would like more information on COMBER'S TRUST, then please send MS RED an e-mail via this website and we'll be happy to pass contact details to you.

THANK YOU COMBER'S TRUST for your generous support of our community group.


Royal British Legion Lindfield Branch "TEA & TALK"

RBL Lindfield "Tea & Talk" on 25th March 2017

Mid Sussex RED are proud to have been asked to deliver the "Talk" at the Lindfield branch Royal British Legion (RBL) "Tea & Talk" Event.

SATURDAY 25TH MARCH 2017 from 2:00pm until 5:00pm at the KING EDWARD HALL LINDFIELD.

The "Talk" is called "Passchendaele 100 & El Alamein 75, Lindfield Remembers". MS RED Chairman Matt Taylor will provide an overview of World War One's 3rd Battle of Ypres and then introduce El Alamein, marking the 75th Anniversary of the battle which turned the Second World War in the Allies favour. Linda Grace will provide a short overview of reaction to El Alamein from a Lindfield / Mid Sussex viewpoint, with the event concluding with a mini exhibition related to the topics of the event. A "Tea" of Sandwiches, cakes, hot & cold drinks will be served from 3:30pm.

Tickets are £8.00 with all profits being donated to National, County and local RBL initiatives and projects. To purchase tickets please call Jane on 01444 454846, Pauline on 01444 482672 or Kath on 01444 483171.

Next MS RED Meeting - 17.02.17

MS RED Members Planning Meeting between 1900 & 2030 on Friday 17th February 2017, the Old Library King Edward Hall, Lindfield.

MS RED will hold its second members meeting to discuss our plans for 2017 on FRIDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2017, between 7:00pm & 8:30pm, in the "Old Library" room at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield, RH16 2HH.

Please e-mail us via this link "CONTACT!" or direct to admin@midsussexred.co.uk to advise us if you'll be attending - This meeting is for Members/prospective new members only.

We really would love to see as many people as possible wanting to get involved with our plans & activities this year. We look forward to welcoming you to the meeting. Thank you, MS RED TEAM.


4. Feb, 2017

Welcome to @midsussexred

Mid Sussex RED has joined the Twitter World @midsussexred - Please follow us for the latest news on our events, exhibitions, presentations and updates on activities planned by our Sussex Friends. @midsussexred

27th January 2017 - Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2017.

MS RED would like to join with people from all nations, all religions, from all parts of our world, in Remembrance of the countless Millions who've been and are presently, victims of conflict and persecution. "

"We Will Remember Them".

If you would like to understand more please click on the following link to visit the Holocaust Memorial Website:                      


16. Jan, 2017

"Our Allies" - Could you be our ally?

Mid Sussex RED will soon launch its' Curriculum & Event Plan for 2017, detailing the contents and locations of our events & activities for the year. We have applied for funding & sponsorship to numerous funding agencies and local businesses. This funding is to meet our running costs and put towards the resourcing of our events. If you or your business would like to help us financially by sponsoring us, then please e-mail us via our "CONTACT!" page or click on the "Our Allies" page for further details. Thank you.

Congratulations to Mr Richard Dunning MBE

Mr Richard Dunning MBE at the Lochnagar Crater. (Photo (C) Friends of Lochnagar)

MS RED would like to join with countless others in congratulating Mr Richard Dunning, the owner and founder of the "Friends of the Lochnagar Crater", the Somme, Northern France, who has been awarded an MBE in her Majesty the Queen's New Years Honours List.

For anyone who does not know the story of the Lochnagar Crater and how Mr Dunning (MBE!) has selflessly dedicated thousands of hours and pounds ensuring the crater will be permanently preserved as a memorial to the fallen, then please view www.lochnagarcrater.org/

MS RED raised £275.00 in July 2016 to purchase 11 'Plank Plaques' at the Lochnagar Crater, one for each Lindfield man who fell in the Battle of the Somme 1916. The Friends of Lochnagar are a  voluntary group and raise thousands of pounds per year to maintain the crater. They do not receive any financial support from governmental departments and spend numerous days per year volunteering at the crater, completing "hard graft", enabling the site to look its best for its' annual 250,000 visitors.

Without the foresight, dedication, passion, hard work and humility of Mr Dunning, this truly humbling memorial would have quite probably been "filled in" and returned to Farmland...Mr Dunning, you thoroughly deserve this recognition and honour. Thank you so much for all you've done and continue to do. Congratulations from MS RED to Mr Richard Dunning MBE.   

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 from MS RED

The Christmas Truce Statue.

There have been many re-tellings of the 1914 Christmas Truce Tale, when British & German Soldiers laid down their arms, left their trenches, met in no mans land & swopped Christmas gifts. There have also been many accounts which contradict these events. MS RED is looking forward to 2017 and the opportunity to Remember, Educate & Develop Mid Sussex Residents, past & present, regarding the senselessness of war and the immeasurable costs to life it brings. MS RED prefers to believe the positive accounts. With "Education being the most powerful weapon" (N. Mandela), we all must learn from the lessons of our past to inform, guide and teach the next generation. 

We at MS RED wish everyone a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

MS RED Members Meeting on 20.12.16

"Join Up" and get involved, MS RED needs you!

MS RED will hold its first official meeting to discuss our plans for 2017, appoint additional officers and to drink Tea on TUESDAY 20th DECEMBER 2016, between 7:00pm & 8:30pm, in the "Old Library" room at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield, RH16 2HH.

Please e-mail us via this link "CONTACT!" or direct to admin@midsussexred.co.uk to advise us if you'll be attending - This meeting is for Members/prospective new members only.

There will be a £1 per person charge for any NON members of the group. This money is to pay for the room hire. We really would love to see as many people as possible wanting to get involved with our plans & activities next year. We look forward to welcoming you to the meeting. Thank you, MS RED TEAM.

"Calling RED Leader....Calling RED Leader..."

SMHS supporting MS RED and vice versa!

On Monday 14th November 2016, RED Leader (Chairman) Matt Taylor, was contacted by Sussex Military Histiory Society (SMHS) and asked to “step in” as a “last minute replacement”, for their booked guest speaker, just 48 hours later! MS RED are extremely fortunate to have the support of the SMHS and Matt happily delivered a 75 minute presentation to around 50 people on Wednesday 16th November in Lewes. The presentation focussed on the Battle of the Somme, the story of the Lindfield men lost in that battle and the launch of Mid Sussex RED as a community group on 11th November 2016.

Peter Tyrrell, Secretary of SMHS, said: “We have to thank Matt Taylor, and his Mid Sussex RED team, for last month’s articulate talk, that was undertaken at short notice. The Somme battles may be familar material to some but a fresh perspective was much appreciated and members participated in the presentation”.

Matt is in the process of writing numerous other presentations, which he is keen to deliver as a guest speaker during 2017, with any fee / funds raised donated to MS RED. If you’re intersted in speaking with Matt to discuss a presentation, then please contact him via "CONTACT!" . A full list of the available presentations will appear on this website in early 2017.

Over 1100 website Hits!

5. Dec, 2016

5th December 2016

After a little over 2 months since MS RED became an official community group we're very pleased and honoured to have had over 1100 hits on this website in that time. Thank you very much for your continued support. MS RED TEAM.

18th November 1916-2016

The end of the "Battle of the Somme" - MS RED Remembers all who fell in conflict, with particular reference to Lindfield's Captain Lindsay Fitzmaurice, who was killed in Action 100 years ago today.

Sussex Military History Society Supports MS RED Launch Event

(Written by SMHS Member Liaison Officer Vanessa Bishop)

11 Nov 2016

Friday 11th November 2016 saw the launch event of Mid Sussex RED at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield. SMHS was delighted to support this new community group at its inaugural event and particularly proud that many of the organisers are also SMHS members.

MS RED is a not-for-profit community group with the aim of hosting a series of military history themed events to aid the Remembrance of the millions who have lost their lives due to military conflict. The events are centred on education and seek to develop, and enhance the knowledge of school children and adults alike. The group is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and all money raised will be used either to fund future events or by targeted donations to charities with sympathetic aims. More information can be found on the website www.midsussexred.co.uk

Our "stall" was manned by SMHS Chairman Simon Bellamy and Member Liaison Vanessa Bishop who were kept busy discussing SMHS activities and hearing from the attendees of their own experiences of military service, the service of family members or their memories of Lindfield during WW2.

The evening's key speaker was Samuel Gray, Honorary Treasurer of The Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon Associations, who recited poems and letters written by these most famous of WW1 poets. Over 60 people were present at the two-hour event with donations made to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal via the Lindfield RBL stall, as well as a £50 donation from ticket sales. A similar sum of money will be retained by MS RED to put towards future events.

Chocks AWAY!! - WW1 Remembrance Exhibition & MS RED Launch event 11.11.2016

MS RED - now in the skies over Mid Sussex!


Mid Sussex RED would like to thank the following organisations, exhibitors and speaker who were integral to our World War 1 Remembrance & MS RED Launch Event on Friday 11th November 2016. Around 60 people were in attendance for the 2 hour event and £93.00 was raised. From this event £50.00 has been donated to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, with £43.00 being retained by MS RED to go towards paying for our next event. Many, Many thanks to all involved to make this event a reality and a fitting tribute of Remembrance to those who fell in military confilct.

Lime tree designs and planning for sponsoring this event.

·     Lindfield History Project Group (LPHG) with a large display of life in Lindfield during WW1.


·     Sussex Military History Society (SMHS) display stand


·     A World War 1 Mini Museum, displaying dozens of genuine artefacts from the conflict.


·     Mr Samuel Gray from the Wilfred Owen & Siegfried Sassoon Associations - presentation & reading of some of the great Poets works and personal letters.


·     Royal British Legion Lindfield Branch - Poppy Appeal.


·     Sussex Family History Group (SFHG) and the stories of Sussex Servicemen in WW1.


·     The Somme - “14 Lindfield Men and 14 Horrific minutes; the opening to the Battle of the Somme”. The stories of the Hawthorn Ridge mine, The Lochnagar (mine) Crater and 14 Lindfield men who now rest in the Somme.


Thanks very much to all individuals & organisations involved in making this event such an appropriate act of Remembrance to all who fell in Military Conflict. Please click on the this link Photos Oct&Nov 2016 to view photos of 'The Somme & MS RED Launch Event'. Many thanks from the MS RED Team.