MS RED - Why EDUCATION is so important to us:

The only weapon used by MS RED is....... Education.

Schoolchildren and the eldest generations are two key age groups we will engage with and bring together at MS RED events. We will arrange events will be exclusively for schoolchildren (7 to 18 years), reinforcing and enhancing their knowledge & understanding of military history events, coupled with national curriculum based materials on the Battle of Britain, The Blitz, Evacuees, World War One Poetry & Literature.

Previous events delivered in 2016 centred on the 'Centenary of the Battle of the Somme' paying specific interest in 11 Lindfield soldiers killed during this Battle, delivering a 3-hour event at Lindfield Primary Academy to over 400 pupils & Staff on 1st July 2016. In 2017 we will arrange & deliver, through discussion with School Teachers, “CLOSED” events; entirely for schoolchildren/teaching staff. We will also arrange & deliver learning "OPEN" events, for any member of the community to attend.

We hope to assist and enable our communities’ understanding of past military conflicts, focussing on the role “Mid Sussex” residents & towns played in those conflicts. We will always monitor the national curriculum, aiming to assist Schools, Academies & Colleges (KS2 to KS5), with their delivery of Military History, Literature, Scientific, Technology and Social “learning”, via our events.  

All of our members are passionate and knowledgeable amateur Military Historians, some of our members are retired, some of our members have been involved in education on a full-time basis. We will arrange and deliver events at no cost to the organisations/charities/not for profit groups we invite to attend each event. All members of MS RED are volunteers and are not paid.

It is NOT our intention to “glorify or promote war/conflict”. It is NOT our intention to be “nationalistic”. We will endeavour to teach and inform Mid Sussex residents about our local military history and the FACTS surrounding the people & places involved. It IS our intention to reinforce, particularly for the younger generations, the futility of war, reflecting on the actions/decisions of our ancestors.

We hope to assist teachers/children by arranging & delivering Military History based events, aiming to bring the younger & older generations together at these events.

In February 2017 we will publish our Curriculum & Event plan for 2017. We also hope to publish our 2018 Curriculum & Event Plan in time for the new academic year, commencing in September 2017.

  • If you have any personal or family member Military History stories you’re happy to share with us, please contact us."CONTACT!"
  • If you have any photos, diaries, memorabilia or artefacts (**) from Military History events involving Mid Sussex people or places you’re willing to potentially display at our event(s), then please contact us."CONTACT!"
  • If you have an interest in Military History / Education and have some free time & skills you’d like to donate to us; assisting with the design & delivery of our events, then please contact us."CONTACT!"

(**) – All memorabilia & artefacts MUST BE prior inspected and agreed to be safe by MS RED before potentially being displaying at our events. Please contact us to discuss.  "CONTACT!"