• ("Joining up" - London 1914)

  • (RSM Michael Palin)

MS RED Membership:

(RSM Windsor Davies)

MS RED Membership fees:

65 years or over:      £6 per year

18 years or over:      £12 per year

18 to 25 years: *       £6 per year

11 to 17 years: **     £3 per year

MS RED is unable to accept Membership applications from under 11 year olds.   

*18 to 25 years (in Full Time Education)

** Any 11 to 17 year old wishing to apply to join as an MS RED member must do so with the written consent of a Parent / Guardian, who will be required toread and sign all relevant MS RED Policies.  

Please PRINT OFF, Complete & SIGN a copy of the MS RED Membership Application Form and submit it to the RED Bursar (along with payment). If you have any questions regarding Membership then please e-mail admin@midsussexred.co.uk  or click on this link "CONTACT!" . Thank you.






MS RED Member App Form 091216 v1

Please PRINT OFF, complete & SIGN this application form and submit it to the RED Bursar. Thank you.

18 ------ Members of MS RED

As of 30th March 2017 - MS RED has 18 Members.

Established just 6 months ago (with 2 founding Members), our community group now has 18 Members, however, we would love to welcome "new recruits" to our ranks.

You do not need to be a military historian,

You do not need to be involved with or attend every event we organise and deliver.

The only pre-requisite for being a Member of MS RED is:

You wish to help us to Remember, Educate & Develop the current & next generations regarding past Mid Sussex residents' actions during military conflict. Our events will always be respectful and hopefully educational, interactive and inspiring.

If you have an interest in this area of history & education, want to meet like minded people and get involved, please e-mail us on admin@midsussexred.co.uk . We look forward to welcoming you to our group. Best regards, MS RED.