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Please sponsor MS RED to enable our volunteer group to deliver events to the Mid Sussex Community....

MS RED Sponsorship: We'd love to hear from you!

MS RED wish to raise money to enable us to deliver military history based events, across Mid Sussex, for the benefit of people of all ages. Our events will always look to be hosted using "cost neutral" facilities. However, MS RED will also arrange & deliver events at facilities whom require payment for use of their venue. 

MS RED also has the usual day to day running costs of website, insurances, stationary, 'marketing' and so on. MS RED believes that as much money as possible raised at our events via ticket sales, refreshments (etc) should be donated to the  not for profit, charity or educational establishments attending our events as "exhibitors".

The cost of the WW1 Remembrance Exhibition & MS RED Launch event on 11th November 2016 and sponsorship for this website (for 1 year) is currently being met by Lime Tree Designs & Planning (Lindfield) www.limetreedesignsandplanning.co.uk . All other costs are being met  by the existing MS RED membership. At no time will any MS RED member financially benefit from our events or activities. All of our members are UNPAID VOLUNTEERS.

If you as an individual, or via your business, would like to assist MS RED by contributing towards our costs, then please contact us via admin@midsussexred.co.uk . We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you very much.

The MS RED Team.


Open Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm & Friday 9am – 1pm.

Call Us On: 07528 770 701
Contact Us at: Limetreedesigns@icloud.com
Visit Us: www.limetreedesignsandplanning.co.uk

MS RED wishes to express its' gratitude towards our WW1 Remembrance Exhibition & Launch event sponsors:

Lime Tree Designs & Planning (Lindfield) 

Not only has the company paid for the hire of the King Edward Hall (itself a registered charity!) for this event on our behalf, our friends at Lime Tree Designs & Planning have also agreed to sponsor the MS RED website for 1 year.

Their generous gift of £250.00 is very gratefully received. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

MS RED says a big THANK YOU to Lime Tree Designs & Planning for £250.00 Sponsorship.


MS RED says a big Thank You to COMBER'S TRUST Lindfield for their generous donation of £115.00.




MS RED has received a very generous donation of £115.00 from the COMBER'S TRUST (Lindfield) to assist with purchasing a Public Liability Insurance Policy and paying for exhibition display materials to be produced. Also, £34.00 of this money has been passed to the KING EDWARD HALL Lindfield (a registered charity) to hire the 'Old Library' room on SATURDAY 25th MARCH 2017 to enable MS RED to deliver a mini exhibition at the Royal British Legion "Tea & Talk" event.

COMBER'S TRUST has been assisting organisations and individuals from Lindfield for well over a Century and will review applications for funding at anytime throughout the year. If you would like more information on COMBER'S TRUST, then please send MS RED an e-mail via this website and we'll be happy to pass contact details to you.

THANK YOU COMBER'S TRUST for your generous support of our community group.