• RAF (WW2) Pilot 'between scrambles' during the 'Battle of Britain' 1940.

  • American motorbike messenger 'resting' in WW2.

  • German (WW1) Sailors catching '40 winks' in 1916.

The MS RED 'Boring But Important' Page.

MS RED - Policies, Governing Documents and Forms page.

This is the page where everyone has access to MS RED's wonderfully exciting policies, governing documents, miscellaneous forms & bits of paper every community group has to have to be able to operate in the 21st Century.

They are 'Boring' to read, 'But', (humour aside), they are very 'Important'. They relate to everyone's safety, demonstrate how we'll show transparency in relation to money, explain how we'll be fair to each other & everyone we interact with, as a Mid Sussex Community Group.

If you do have any questions relating to any of the documents found in this section of the website, please e-mail: admin@midsussexred.co.uk .    

(PS - I'm allowed to call this section 'Boring But Important', as I'm the main author of most of these documents!).

Happy reading & best regards,

Matt Taylor

"RED Leader" (Chairman)

Mid Sussex RED Governing Constitution v3 281117 PDF

Mid Sussex RED Governing Constitution v3 - Agreed at AGM on 281117 by MS RED Members. This version super-cedes all previous versions.

Mid Sussex RED Policy Booklet V1 090117 PDF

Booklet containing 5 completed (out of 16) MS RED Policies (PDF).

Mid Sussex RED GDPR 2018 PDF Policy v1

Mid Sussex RED General Data Protection Regulations (2018) Policy (v1).