Lochnagar Crater Today Article - MS RED / 11 Somme Men

Mid Sussex RED article published by the 'Friends of Lochnagar' bi-annual magazine 'Lochnagar Crater Today'. In Memoriam to the 11 Lindfield Village men who fell during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

"If" 6th June 2017

If you don't understand the significance of today; I'll teach you. If you don't know of the sacrifice and loss and courage; I'll explain...

"If" 6th June 2017

If you cannot spare a moment today, 73 years on, to remember, then I pity you with compassionate dismay.

"If".. 6th June 2017

I'd try to describe the carnage, of millions of lives irreparably damaged; fractured; destroyed. How Normandy sand was dyed red, with blood of young men; naïve boys.

"If".. 6th June 2017

I'd tell of Neptune's 5 talon Trident spearing Nazism from French beaches; the 6th June countdown begins; just one more year of devastation; history teaches.

"If".. 6th June 2017

Imploring people to sacrifice a moment of time to pause; to remember to thank the past millions, for laying down their lives, so you and I can cherish mine and yours

IF 6th June 2017

The short tribute poem written by MS RED in Remembrance of the fallen from the Normandy beaches. (Full poem).

MS RED supports the Police Dependants' Trust

Mid Sussex RED raised a grand total of £1,903.33 for the Police Dependants' Trust.

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, a member of the MS RED Team volunteered to raise money for the Police Dependants' Trust, a national charity supporting serving and former Police Officers and thier Dependants', killed or injured during the course of their duties serving the Public. The following article was published in the Charlton Athletic Matchday Programme on Saturday 8th April 2017: 

The Police Dependants’ Trust would like to thank Charlton Athletic Football Club, in particular Lisa Squires, for making all arrangements to permit one of our volunteers to collect donations from supporters prior to the match versus MK DONS on Tuesday night.  The volunteer, a supporter of the club for 30 years, informed the Trust that he could not say “thank you” fast enough to keep up with the rate in which supporters, from both clubs, donated money.

“I was humbled by the generosity and gratitude shown towards the PD Trust and the Police Service in general on Tuesday. I’d hoped to raise £933.00 for the PD Trust, not only in the memory of PC Palmer (933 SO), but to support the 3 other Police Officers who were injured on Westminster Bridge on the 22nd March. The PD Trust was established in World Cup Winning year of 1966 and has been supporting serving & former Officers and their dependants’ ever since. I’m immensely proud to call myself a Charlton Fan and know the loyalty, determination and care conveyed by the fans and the club itself towards “one of our own”, will never be forgotten”.

“The huge sum of £1,762.68 was collected in 3 donation buckets, in less than 2 hours outside of the club shop on Tuesday night. Added to an additional £140.65 raised prior to this collection, the target of £933.00 was more than DOUBLED. A grand total of £1,903.33 has been donated to the PD Trust in the memory of PC Palmer and his 3 colleagues injured that day. Thank you very much indeed to all Charlton & MK DONS fans for making this donation possible”. 

For more information regarding The Police Dependants’ Trust please visit:  www.pdtrust.org/

MS RED Supports 2016 'Poppy Appeal'

Mrs Pauline Parkyns, RBL Lindfield 'Poppy Appeal' Manager, receiving a cheque from MS RED "Bursar" Malcolm Grace.

MS RED are proud to have supported the 2016 Royal British Legion (RBL) 'Poppy Appeal' with just under £260 of donations. This sum was raised from the WW1 Remembrance Exhibition & MS RED launch event on Friday 11th November, individual MS RED members "Poppy Selling" in Lindfield, and through purchasing Wooden Poppy Crosses & a wreath to remember the fallen. These funds were passed to the RBL Lindfield Branch Poppy Appeal manager, Mrs Pauline Parkyns, by MS RED "Bursar" (Treasurer) Malcolm Grace. The Poppy Appeal supports dozens of initiatives across Sussex & nationwide to provide welfare, medical and day to day support services to former military personnel and their families. MS RED will always wear their Poppies with Pride.

What does the Poppy Symbolize to you ? (LinkedIn Article)

LinkedIn Poppy Symbol Discussion

This article is an e-mail exchange debating this topic between Matt Taylor & Dr. Paul Breen. Many thanks to Dr Paul Breen for his kind permission to publish this article on the MS RED Website.

Lindfield Life August 2016 Somme Centenary Article.

The Somme Centenary Remembrance Event at Lindfield Primary Academy on 1st July 2016. (Published with the kind permission of Lindfield Life magazine).

How I'll remember the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme

This article was written by Matt Taylor and published in the Lindfield Life Magazine June 2016 Edition. (Published with the kind permission of Lindfield Life magazine).