MS RED Photos

The Somme - Delville Wood

The Somme - The Cross at the Lochnagar Mine Crater.

The Somme - Bell's Redoubt.

The Somme - "The Iron Harvest" - 100 year old unexploded shells placed by the roadside, sprayed orange, ready for collection by Bomb Disposal (Oct 2016).

The Somme - Statue of a German Soldier in Albert City Centre.

The Somme - The Thiepval Memorial to the (72,000) Missing.

The Somme - The story of a 16 year old boy, left at the Thiepval memorial.

The Somme - The Ulster Tower, Thiepval Wood.

The Somme - Serre Road Cemetery No.2, with the Serre Road Cemetery No.1 and a French Cemetery in the distance.

The Somme - A German Front Line Trench at Beaumont Hamel.

The Somme - Wreaths for the 1st Lancashire Regiment, "The Sunken Lane", near Hawthorn Ridge.

The Somme - A Shrapnel Shell on display in the Newfoundland Memorial Park.

The Somme - A Century later.....still searching for unexploded munitions.

The Somme - The Footballers Memorial outside of Delville Wood.

The Somme - The Welsh Memorial, Mametz Wood.

The Somme - Truly a World War - The grave of a Muslim soldier, pointing East to Mecca, near to the graves of 10 Chinese Labour Corps men. ALL now at rest in Northern France. We Will Remember Them.

The Somme - Remembering the Australian Imperial Force sacrifice at Pozieres.

The Somme - A Mural of Remembrance in Albert City Centre.

The Somme - "The Glory Hole", outside of La Boisselle. The Front lines were just 30 metres apart.

The Somme - The 51st Highland Division Monument, Beaumont Hamel, Newfoundland Memorial.

The Somme - 12 Unknown Soldiers buried at Thiepval Wood Cemetery.

The Somme - A collection of World War 1 (inert) Munitions, in Auchonvillers.

The Somme - Side by side, human beings from different parts of the world, at peace, for eternity. We will remember them. (Translation: Two unknown German soldiers).

The Somme - Thiepval Memorial - Their Name Liveth For Evermore.

Friday 11th November 2016 - The WW1 Remembrance Exhibition & MS RED Launch event was kindly sponsored by Lime Tree Designs & Planning. Thank you.

Royal British Legion, Lindfield, Cuckfield & Haywards Heath.

Sussex Family History Group (SHFG)

'Mini Museum' of WW1 Memorabilia & Artefacts

'Mini Museum of WW1 Artefacts, Memorabilia & Uniforms, with thanks to Mr Bob & Mrs Carol Smethurst.

Lindfield History Project Group LHPG - Life in Lindfield Village during WW1 Display

Sussex Military History Society (SMHS)

Flanders February 2017: "Plug Street" Memorial. (Ploegsteert, Belgium)

Flanders February 2017: The Island of Ireland Peace Park, outskirts of Messines, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: The muddy fields described on the Peace Park Plaque (previous).

Flanders February 2017: The Island of Ireland Peace Park Tower (Messines Belgium).

Flanders February 2017: An unknown Soldier of the Royal Sussex Regiment, buried in the Hooge Crater Cememtery, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: First World War map on display in the Hooge Crater Museum, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: Spent munitions on display outside of the Hooge Crater Museum.

Flanders February 2017: Information Board at Hooge Crater, near Ypres, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: The Hooge Crater, Belgium, viewed from a German Trench.

Flanders February 2017: The Trench system at Hooge Crater, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: The Menin Road, with Ypres in the distance.

Flanders February 2017: One of the corridors inside of the Menin Gate, Ypres. An extremely humbling, peaceful & fitting memorial to the missing.

Flanders February 2017: Left by relatives at the Menin Gate, Ypres.

Flanders February 2017: The Menin Gate Inscription. We will remember all 54,896 of them....

Flanders February 2017: The Christmas Truce / Football Memorial, Ploegsteert, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: The Bayernwald (Bavarian Forest) Trench, Mine & Bunker complex (near Kemmel, Belgium). This mine shaft entrance is 10 metres deep.

Flanders February 2017: The Bayernwald Trench and bunker complex, immaculately restored.

Flanders February 2017: The Bayernwald Trenches, Bunkers and Mines. A Corporal Adolf Hitler served here during WW1...

Flanders February 2017: A German memorial / inscription; eloquent and true, in ALL languages.

Flanders February 2017: Essex Farm Cemetery, Boezinge, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: Essex Farm Advanced Dressing Station (ADS). It was here a Canadian Captain John McCrae wrote.....

In Flanders Fields....

Flanders February 2017: A 15 year old boy, laid to rest & remembered at Essex Farm Cemetery.

Flanders February 2017: (Essex Farm) A Jewish Soldier, remembered by members of his faith, by laying stones on his grave.

Flanders February 2017: The Tyne Cot Cemetery, near Passchendaele, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: Tyne Cot Cemetery. The largest CWGC burial site in the world with 11,961 men either buried or commemorated here.

Flanders February 2017: The sight of Tyne Cot as you enter...Grave, next to grave, next to grave...

Flanders February 2017. Directly opposite the entrance to Tyne Cot Cemetery...Mud. A small reminder of the horrific conditions in WW1.

Flanders February 2017: The beautifully restored Ypres Cloth Hall, housing the Flanders Field Museum, with its' bronze model in the foreground.

Flanders February 2017: The seemingly endless list of names inscribed on just one section of the Menin Gate, Ypres.

Flanders February 2017: Light pouring into the Menin Gate through the Oculus', Ypres, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: The Menin Gate with the Cloth Hall visible through the main aperture, Ypres, Belgium.

Flanders February 2017: The graves of 5 Commonwealth Soldiers at the Lijssenthoek Cemetery. All of these men died on 24th February 1916, 101 years to the day we paid our respects to them. We Will Remember Them....