MS RED - About/Aims:

Mid Sussex RED (Map - Crown copyright / Ordnance Survey).

Our community group has very specific aims. Our first aim is to organise, over the next 5 years, a series of military history based events for the Mid Sussex community, to aid Remembrance of the millions who lost their lives due to military conflict.

These events will always centre on Education. Our members are passionate about military history, in particular those historic events involving former & present Mid Sussex residents. We aim to Develop and enhance the military history education of schoolchildren & adults in the Mid Sussex area via talks, events and activities for the Mid Sussex community.

We will support the fund-raising activities of Charities & not for profit organisations by arranging these events at no cost to them. The aims of our community group are as follows:

  • To Remember the actions and events of past & present Mid Sussex residents in relation to key military conflicts.
  • To Educate, and Develop the knowledge and understanding of these events, highlighting the impacts on Mid Sussex towns, parishes, villages and villagers themselves.
  • To engage Mid Sussex residents of all ages (though with a focus on the 7-18 year age group), regarding the history & heritage of their locality.
  • To plan, resource, deliver and evaluate events designed by Mid Sussex RED who will host / assist with the hosting of events, presentations, exhibitions & workshops free of charge to school children and at minimal cost to Mid Sussex Residents.
  • To generate sufficient funds to cover the cost of administering MS RED each year, (Insurance, Venue hire costs, equipment, Website, Resources etc).
  • To donate any surplus funds in November of each year to local Mid Sussex Charities / not for profit (n.f.p.) organisations (or the local branches of national charities/nfp’s).
  • To foster links with other community groups, charities and not for profit organisations with similar aims to Mid Sussex RED locally, regionally and nationally.
  • To be an inclusive and forward thinking community group whose events are interesting, factual, solemn & enjoyable in equal measure.

Everyone involved with Mid Sussex RED is a VOLUNTEER & does not receive any personal financial gain from our activities.

If you would like to be involved with us, by attending an event MSRED Next Event, becoming a member of MS RED "Join up" or supporting us with skills or funds MSRED Sponsors, then please make contact with us via our  "CONTACT!"  page. We very much look forward to discussing the past with you at one of our events!

Thank you for your support and best regards,

The MS RED Team.